Totally Connected

Control your home from anywhere

The future of home security and control is now. Interactive security and automated control provides real-time personal text, email alerts and video monitoring from online, your smartphone or tablet. With 24/7 monitoring and a host of remote control features, Connected Home provides peace-of-mind wherever you are. Plus, safety features like smoke, carbon monoxide and water detection are available. If your current system doesn't compare, it's time to upgrade to Suddenlink.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

Notifications let you enjoy your time away from home without worry

Infrared night vision? Check. Alerts to motion? Check. High definition? Check. It's just that easy. With Suddenlink, being away is just like being at home.

The Forecast Calls for Savings

Check or change your home's temperature remotely

Remote adjust your thermostat and set temperature schedules to save money and energy. The CT100 thermostat provides everything you need to create an energy-intelligent home: remote control, seven day programming and seamless integration with your Connected Home panel.  

Who Needs Light Switches?

Control your home's lighting wherever you are

Schedule timers for your lights for better protection when you're away, or remotely turn lights on or off. The GE Light Dimmer Module 45602 is easy to use and allows you to manage your lights from any connected computer or mobile device.

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